To the rising Goddess, determined to live her truth and show up as her most powerful self…


Welcome to your community



Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held by women who get it.

Your place to grow, to heal, to laugh, and to feel.

Your place to find your soul family.

What is The Soul Collective...

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

Starting out on your personal development and spiritual growth journey can be a lonely venture. Sometimes it feels like nobody around you really gets it. They don’t wanna read the books, do the breathwork session or even try the meditations or perhaps can't really understand why your personal journey is so important for you. 

They don’t get it. But it’s okay babe because we do.

I designed The Soul Collective to be a beautiful virtual home for women of my community to come together and support one another on their path to becoming the greatest versions of themselves. To focus on their self love, self development and self mastery a whole year. 

Each month, we share nourishing workshops and brilliant wisdom from teachers who lead from the heart. We set goals together that absolutely make our souls sing, and then start making those dreams of ours a reality. If you’ve been hungry for MORE – this is for you.

Inside The Soul Collective we’ve explored all things  energies, love, self love, relationships, shadow work and even trauma healing, and all of these workshops are available to you when you sign up!



What’s Included...


Think about it like this...


The Soul Collective is your safe space to work on your mind & soul- TO CONNECT TO THE MOST AUTHENTIC VERSION OF YOU, the most healed and happiest you. 

It's time to stop  second-guessing yourself after every breakthrough & fully own your power, your magic and stand with a community who sees you, loves you, supports you and understands you because they too are doing the work alongside you!


-a fire sign aries, mac and cheese lover, and founder of your virtual soul home: The Soul Collective

In a previous life, I was a school teacher.

Every day, I battled with anxiety, self-doubt, and a less-than-healthy relationship with my own worth. (literally can't believe I once doubted my own power)

One day, after collapsing on my knees and wondering what else was next, out of desperation that maybe there was more. I embarked on my own journey of self-discovery. And I went through my souls journey, the teacher in me absorbed all the knowledge, insight, and wisdom I could from workshops and spiritual programs.

And I started bringin it to other women hoping it would help them too. Before I knew it I was helping other women heal their own relationships with self doubt, their soul, self-awareness, self worth, trauma, and internal confidence.

Buuut… I still felt like something was missing.


I yearned for a safe space where I and other powerful Souls could come together to grow, to heal, and support one another. Unfortunately, that space was nowhere to be found.

Until one day, I decided to stop searching and create that space myself.

I envisioned a beautiful virtual home for women of my community to come together and support one another on their path to becoming the greatest versions of themselves.

And somehow, as if by divine guidance, you’ve landed in that place today.

What do the members have to say about The Soul Collective...



The only membership program of its kind that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to nourish your mind, body, and spirit from the comfort of your home. Our community of soul sisters is here to catch you when you start stumbling and encourage you to achieve your biggest and wildest dreams. With more than 100+ empowering videos and LIVE group sessions every month, it just got a whole lot harder to deny your calling.

Welcome home Goddess!

Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right one for you and join our soul tribe: 



monthly payments

  • Access to the community
  • Access to 4 monthly soul  coaching calls
  • Printable clarity workbook
  • Membership to The Breathwork Vortex 
  • LIVE Breathwork calls
  • QnA calls for business growth if you have a business
  • Exclusive workshops for self awareness and clarity


$34/ bi weekly

2 Bi-weekly payments each month

  • Access to the community
  • Access to 4 monthly soul  coaching calls
  • Printable clarity workbook
  • Membership to The Breathwork Vortex 
  • LIVE Breathwork calls
  • QnA calls for business growth if you have a business
  • Exclusive workshops for self awareness and clarity

Find your sisterhood

Embark on this beautiful journey with the support of like-minded women from all around the world. Heal the beliefs holding you back and never again have the thought: “maybe it's not for me”

Heal your Soul from the inside out

Fulfillment begins with healing yourself on a deeper level. To ensure the healing is long-lasting, you’ll have the opportunity to nourish your soul development every week. So you can show up as your greatest expression and live your purpose.

Become your own leader in life

Stop looking to others for the answers. Learn how to tap into and strengthen your intuition so you can make decisions with ease. This is how you’ll show up as the confident, empowered leader you are.

Embody your highest expression

Connect with your body via breath, meditation, intuitive connection and more! Engage in powerful practices that have been carefully curated to help you strengthen your mind, body, and soul.



But that’s not all!

Meet us in the California mountains...

When you join The Soul Collective, you’ll be invited to sign up for our upcoming Goddess Retreat, 

happening in 2024!

Embark on a weekend to embody the Goddess in YOU in full form through physical and spiritual modalities, learn to evoke the divine feminine power from within, and connect with your soul like never before.

Embark on this Journey with your soul sisterhood

When you join the Collective, you’ll receive an exclusive invite to our members-only community thread. Here, you’ll get access to even more soul sister support (yes, it really does get to be this good!). You’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with your soul sisters, who are here to help you take your journey to the next level. 



What do members of the community have to say about classes & workshops inside the soul collective...



If you aren’t completely satisfied inside our Soul Collective Family, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.