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I help women reconnect to their POWER & PURPOSE

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I’m a coach, speaker and community builder

You’re probably here, thumb scrolling wondering ‘wtf soulwork is’…or maybe you've had a breathwork experience and now you’re wondering, ‘What just happened?’ 

That was me a few years ago.
My first experience with breathwork, I became addicted to connecting to my souls power. 

Breathwork is the #1 most effective modality for healing on the planet. And the best part? When you infuse it with soul work you can completely reprogram your being from head to toe…

This work has empowered me in ways I never knew possible. And that’s my wish for you

To feel so dang connected to your soul you embody all your power. 

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Hey, Cristal I want to do...

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Made for MORE Mastermind

You’re ready to be seen & for the world to see you. You are ready to step into your MORE and bring it into the world. Most of all, you’re ready to…

 Step into your IMPACT + INCOME 


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The Soul Collective

A community of growing, healing, laughing, feeling. A collective of souls determined to rise and become the most powerful versions of themselves  


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The Soul-Breath Academy

Get certified in Breathwork, learn how to facilitate at a deeper level. Master your breath and learn how to use it as a tool for you and your clients.  


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"I did a breathwork session with Cristal and it was exactly what i needed and more. I felt this strong need to reach out to her and work with her for a release and to step into my self worth and my own power. I am a healer, I am someone who works with individuals one on one and spends a lot of energy lifting other people up. And that breathwork session was exactly what I needed to reset myself and get myself back into alignment so that I can serve from my heart and show up for my clients, and it was facilitated in such a beautiful way that allowed me to see what i need to see. I am so grateful for Cristal and how she was able to open my heart up. You need to try a session with her."  

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"This community has changed my life, before this community I was settling, I knew there was more but I didn’t know how or what that was. Today I am able to stand strong and confident in front of others I found my more and I'm sharing it with the world. This community has helped me own my power, grow in myself and impact others along the way"

The Soul-Breath Academy

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All The Tools You Need To Become A Soulful + Breathwork Facilitator


(6 month certification program) 


Ok, so you’ve tried Breathwork, maybe you have joined The Breathwork Vortex or experience the transformation of Soul ACTIVATED and now you’re hooked on this work. Your soul is calling for a deeper understanding. This is my signature program that trains you to become a Soulful Coach + Breathwork facilitator.  Training is an in-depth 6 month training that not only will take you on the deepest spiritual development journey of your life, but also - train you to become a masterful facilitator so you can start teaching Soulwork & Breathwork all around the world.

If you’re already a coach, and want to add this into your practice - this is for you.

If you have a pull in your soul that wants to learn Breathwork and don’t know where to start - this is also for you.

Next Training Summer 2023

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She is made for MORE  Podcast

The show where we go deep on all things self-discovery, internal work, high vibrational living and all the tools to help you step into the most powerful version of Yourself! 

Get ready to ACTIVATE your MORE & embody that energy every single day! 

Listen to She is made for MORE

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breathwork experiences & powerful quotes